Essential Oils for Arthritis

Top Essential Oils for ArthritisEssential oils have been used for thousands of years to help relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation in people’s joints, and so much more. It’s a natural remedy medication that truly has proven its place in the medicine world. When a person suffers with arthritis, it can a lot of the time feel like such a sad blow because many people think that it’s going to stop their lives from continuing on. While in some rare cases, that is the truth, but for most people who develop arthritis, there are natural practices, prescription medications, and essential oils that a person can use to ease the pains of arthritis. Today, we are actually going to be taking a quick look into some of the top essential oils aided out for people which suffer with arthritis.

Ginger Essential Oil
This type of oil containins chemicals which has analgesic, as well anti-inflammatory properties that will help with the symptoms of arthritis. In various studies, it has been shown that ginger essential oil works as a great pain reliever. How does ginger essential oil provide such relief? Keep in mind that it provides pain killing relief by simply acting on vanilloid receptors that are located on the bodily nerve endings. Ginger has been noted as having a slight burning sensation which is similar to the initial powerful burning feeling a person will get when they consume a hot pepper. Keep I mind that this type of burning sensation will only last a few seconds. There have been researchers which have discovered that it affects the pain pathways directly, as well rather quickly for most people. In the end, the burning sensation will cause a person’s inflammation to lessen. Isn’t that so interesting how that works? Ginger essential oil is a great oil to lessen the pains of arthritis. Don’t worry about the burning sensation at the very beginning, that’s just the nature of ginger oil. It shouldn’t last no more than two or three seconds and after that, the benefits will begin to seep into the joint and muscle, aiding out immediate relief.

Frankincense Essential Oil
This type of oil works wonders in bringing down the pains of inflammation by inhibiting the actual production of the key inflammatory molecules, which are associated with conditions such as arthritis. Frankincense oil has also been noted in helping to prevent the actual breakdown of cartilage tissue in a person’s body and because of this, the inflammation in a person’s joints and muscles will highly decrease. This is a great oil to relieve pain, swelling, as well levels of inflammation. Keep in mind that this type of oil also helps to relieve various forms of arthritic pain that could be built up in a person’s hand or legs.

Myrrh Essential Oil
Once again, myrrh has anti-inflammatory properties in it and has been often used throughout the years to help treat various forms of arthritis. Arthritis is an inflamed joint and or muscle and myrrh has the ability, along with all the other essential oils to get inside that and diminish the inflammation in a person’s joints and muscles. There have been studies which proved that when used together, frankincense and myrrh will highly suppress the inflammation, as well the intensity of a person’s joint inflammation. There were results which also discovered that an individual extract of frankincense or even myrrh, as well combined extracts were used to treat groups had shown that there was a noteworthy difference whenever it was associated with an arthritis control group.

Orange Essential Oil
Orange essential oil is a great way to wake up, as citrus foods tend to make us feel more awake and alert, but did you know that orange essential oil is made with strong anti-inflammatory properties that will help in reducing the pain and inflammation in a person’s joints or muscles? This type of oil has been noted for helping to relieve arthritic pain throughout the hands and legs. In a 2009 study, which was published in the European Journal of Medical Research found that the antioxidant which was probable of various essential oils, reported that the orange was of the most highly operative of all the essential oils which were studied! So, it’s definitely safe to say that orange essential oil would probably be the best oil when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis!