Water Therapy for Arthritis

Water Therapy for ArthritisWater therapy works wonders for a lot of conditions, especially conditions and symptoms of arthritis. Water therapy can offer a lot of physical exercise for people which suffer with arthritis and when a person has arthritis, they must always keep it moving to stay stronger in their muscles and joints. As a side note, water therapy offers out great relaxation techniques for people that suffer with arthritis and it’s a known fact that stress can cause arthritic flareups so much worse. It’s all about getting your stress levels under control, as well being on the proper types of medications. Today, we are going to be taking a look into water therapy for people which suffer with arthritis.

Take A Warm Bath, Not A Hot One
This is where a lot of people make the mistake when it comes to treating arthritis with water therapy. Did you know that water temperatures between the 92-100 mark are considered to be within the healthy range? What a lot of people do not realize is that if you suffer with arthritis and get into extremely hot water, this can make your conditions worsen and regardless if you have arthritis or not, it’s bad for a person’s heart to get into very hot water. So always remember to keep your bath water within the 92-100-degree range and if you belong to a local gym, make sure you always know the temperature of the hot tub before getting in.

Do Not Remain Stagnate
What I mean by this is to keep it moving in the water because believe it or not, but exercising in water is a great way to built up your muscles. By doing some form of physical activity or water aerobics, this will actually help to keep your joints and muscles strong and healthy, resulting in the prevention of your arthritis getting worse and causing you a lot of pain. What I would recommend you do is while you’re in a pool, you could do marching in place steps, raising your knees as high as you can and by doing this, it will help to keep your joints and muscles so much stronger. You will also begin to feel less stress because exercising in water helps to release the “feel good” endorphins in the brain that tells anxiety to go away.

Adding Salts
Adding bath salts is very popular with people which suffer with arthritis because specific bath salts will help to reduce arthritic swelling, pain, as well various forms of inflammation throughout a person body. What kind of bath salts would be great for people with arthritis? That’s a great question and to answer that, a person would need to use Epsom salt in their water, as this is the best form of bath salts for arthritic inflammation and associated pains in the joints and muscles. What I would recommend you to do is soak in an Epsom salt bath for at least one solid hour in warm water, so the salts will have enough time to penetrate into the skin and joints.

Dancing in Warm Water
This is quite the creative thing to do, but oh does it have some great benefits for people that suffer with arthritis! When a person can dance and not only be active, but very active in water, their bodies will tend to get stronger, being able to put up with a lot more stamina throughout the daily functionalities of life. This is what I would recommend you do. If you have a local gym that you can sign up and go to, I would do that because most all gyms will have some type of water aerobics to engage in and a lot of the times, those classes are very high energy to literally, keep your own energy up and going. You must understand that if you suffer with arthritis, you have to push, literally push yourself into moving and staying active. Now, this doesn’t mean to walk one mile every two weeks and then remain stagnate the rest of the time. Give your body a great workout because in the long run, you are only helping the severity of your arthritis to diminish.